Unleashing the Full Potential of AI for Eye Care. In one simple system.

The existing Diabetic Retinopathy diagnosis and prevention process is slow, labour-intensive and prone to human error. Our innovative award-winning solution addresses these challenges.

Mis-diagnosis or slow detection is the primary cause of diabetic retinopathy caused blindness.


Manual patient grading requires up to 3 specialists, making the whole process slow, difficult and stressful.

The high volume of patients is challenging the healthcare system and increases treatment costs.

Preventing Blindness via Al-Powered technology

In the UK alone, over 5 million people are at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy, a condition that can cause blindness through delayed, slow and/or inconsistent diagnoses. Our Al-powered tool enables easy, fast and reliable diagnosis and prediction, thereby saving the eyesight of thousands of diabetic patients.


How it works

We minimise the time and effort needed to diagnose Diabetic Retinopathy and grade patients

Real time patient data input

Al-Powered image processing and risk assessment

Output available to specialist immediately, in real-time


Introducing an exciting new innovation in the world of Eye Health.

Invented by experts who have spent time in hospitals and garnered experience across all walks of the medical field, DRAI is the quintessential solution to anything involving detection, diagnosis, or predictions centered on diabetic care. Here’s how it can help:

Some of the most common problems that professionals face are:

  • Healthcare professionals are overworked and it handicaps them and affects their ability to diagnose and treat patients.
  • Medical technology is not reaching its maximum potential to accurately and precisely diagnose and treat patients. Early diabetic retinopathy is often asymptomatic.
  • The current manual process to extract information from a huge dataset is both a stressful & time-consuming process. There is a risk of inaccurate diagnosis and treatment leading to misdiagnosis and risk of blindness.

Our Diabetic Retinopathy Artificial Intelligence assistance tool (DRAI) is a real-time medical software powered by AI that helps in the early and accurate diagnosis of diseases and thereafter the treatment of these diseases.

  • The Optometrist will take the image from the patient through OCT scans and fundus cameras
  • The AI can improve the information acquired from the images of retinal screening
  • The tool will then output the state of the patient based on our ML algorithm, which has been trained with tens of thousands of images
  • The outcome will enable clinicians to decide on an effective course of treatment, as DRAI will allow them to have a better understanding of the progress of the condition.


We have contributed to the NHS national screening programme that delivered a number of solutions to assist healthcare professionals. Our AI helped them to identify hidden insights in data and assisted clinicians in making an informed decision for the right treatments and follow ups.

By tapping into the right data, it is possible to save a significant amount of time while delivering a professional experience. Choosing the right treatment can make a big difference and having access to a wealth of validated information will help professionals to take the right decisions.